The choir is an integral part of the worship experience at St. Michael’s. We aim to contribute profound meaning through music that helps illuminate our faith, the church season, and the day’s scripture readings. Music is one means through which we are able to enliven our bodies and souls, lifting them from earth to heaven.

In addition to weekly anthems, the choir sings occasional Evensongs and benefit concerts. Choir members rehearse Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm, beginning with vocal technique exercises. We gather at 9am on Sundays to prepare for the 10am services. We sing everything from Bach to Palestrina to spirituals. It is helpful to be able to read music for this group. We also sing expressions of the faith in various languages.

The St. Michael’s Choir welcomes all who enjoy singing melody or harmony, anyone who has ever participated in a chorus or glee club, as well as high school students, and can count as a Community Service option.

Words from the Choir Members

“Choir affords me an opportunity to bring Sunday into the rest of my week. The music helps to feel more connected to the liturgy on Sunday morning. Rehearsal gives me a night out with like-minded adults that is practically free. Also I don’t have to fret over what to wear on Sunday morning!” — Helen

“To me, being in St. Michael’s choir mostly means glorifying God by singing songs of praise in His name, but it also means enjoying fellowship with the other choir members.” — Carl

“To me being in the choir gives me the chance to sing prayers to God. It adds so much value to and meaning to me during the service.” — Dom

“I sing in the choir because it challenges me like nothing else! And I get to hang out with talented people.” — Patty

“Singing includes the soul through the breath. A choir is blending your breath with others and allows you to bring the gift of harmony, a gift from God for the ears!” — Marcia

“By being in the choir, I feel that I am an active part of the worship service. People have told me how much the music means to them.” — Anke

“Singing in choir has made me feel a part of the church community. Singing brings me a transcendent joy that is one of the spiritual blessings I receive at St. Michaels.” — Jena